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Rossana Rosa Di Grazia is an emerging Italian writer who graduated and specialized in Language, Society and Communication. She is an English and Spanish teacher, and she also writes articles. As a life-long enthusiast of foreign languages and translation, her main interests are teaching, which she considers a mission, and traveling. Curiosity is what allowed her to get a good grasp of languages and human relations.

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Copertina Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast di Rossana Rosa di Grazia

Inside the world of Beauty and the Beast

This book was originally intended to provide a unified and comprehensive collection of the world of Beauty and the Beast. However, along the way, my goals gradually increased.

One of the main and most important goals of this book is to show that differences between the American English language and the British English onedoexist. Another goal is to show that a product that is already finished, and that sometimes is packaged for centuries, can be reinterpreted. A book, a story, a song, a poem, a theory… may besubject tocountlessinterpretations. There is no limit to either intelligibility or interpretation. My aim is for readers to be able to revisit, deepen and reinterpret not only a Disney product, but also any product they come acrossafter examining this book. It is important to awaken the critical spirit of society, so that critical citizens can be shaped, that is to say citizens and people who are able to think critically, with their minds.

It is desirable that, after reading this book, the reader will no longer be able to see a film, read a poem or listen to a song without thinking back about the words written here.

What I want the reader to understand is that by watching or listening todifferent versions of the same product (that may be an animated film, a live-action or a musical) in different languages, a version in American language and a version in the British language, differences in pronunciation can be found.In this work I will compare two Disney versions of the same product: the 1991 Beauty and the Beast animated film, in which the characters speak mainly American English, and the 2017 live-action, in which the actors speak mainly British English. Since the dialogues of the two versions differ, my attention will be on the songs, which are instead the same in both versions.

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