Great Expectations

Charles Dickens

Great Expectations

And Dicken’s Home Life by H. Griswold.

Paperback editon

Ebook edition

This is probably one of the most famous coming-of-age romance ever written. Charles Dickens published Great expectations in 1861 as a serial in «All the Year Around», a periodical founded and owned by Dickens.
Since it was published, this novel received near universal acclaim because of its social background and the great structure of characters and plot. After David Copperfield, this is the second Dicken’s romance written in first person.

This book contains a special appendix from Home life of great authors written by Hattie Griswold in 1891 with some curious notes and descriptions about the private life of Charles Dickens.

This interactive digital edition includes: Interactive Notes and Chapters, News about the Author, News about the Book, a very interesting Tag cloud of the Book and a link to connect to the Goodreads community to ask questions and share comments and opinions.

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