Poison Island

A. Quiller-Couch, “Poison Island”.


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This interactive digital edition includes Interactive Notes and Chapters, News about the Author, News about the Book, a very interesting Tag cloud of the Book and a link to connect to the Goodreads community to ask questions and share comments and opinions.


  • I. How I First Met With Captain Coffin
  • II. I Am Entered At Copenhagen Academy
  • III. A Street Fight, And What Came Of It
  • IV. Captain Coffin Studies Navigation
  • V. The Whaleboat
  • VI. My First Glimpse Of The Chart
  • VII. Enter The Returned Prisoner
  • VIII. The Hunted End The Hunter
  • IX. Chaos In The Captain’s Lodgins
  • X. News
  • XI. The Crime In The Summer-House
  • XII. The Bloodstain On The Stile
  • XIII. Clues In A Tangle
  • XIV. How I Broke Out The Bed Ensign
  • XV. Captain Branscome’s Confession — The Man In The Lane
  • XVI. Captain Branscome’s Confession — The Flag And The Cashbox
  • XVII. The Chart Of Mortallone
  • XVIII. The Contents Of The Corner Cupboard
  • XIX. Captain Coffin’s Log
  • XX. Captain Coffin’s Log — Continued
  • XXI. In Which Plinny Surprises Everyone
  • XXII. A Strange Man In The Garden
  • XXIII. How We Sailed To The Island
  • XXIV. We Anchor Off The Island
  • XXV. I Take French Leave Ashore
  • XXVI. The Women In The Graveyard
  • XXVII. The Man In Black
  • XXVIII. The Master Of The Island
  • XXIX. A Boat On The Beach
  • XXX. The Scream On The Cliff
  • XXXI. Aaron Glass
  • XXXII. We Come To Dr. Beauregard’s House
  • XXXIII. We Find The Treasure
  • XXXIV. Doctor Beauregard
  • Notes